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• You play at your own risk at the indoor amusement park. Parents are responsible for their children, and children under 12 years of age should not be left alone.

• The admission fee entitles you to unlimited, continuous fun time at the indoor amusement park.

• A young person 15 years or older may supervise younger children.

• We do not push or bully others here. If necessary, staff will intervene and may possibly remove the people causing a disturbance. If there are any problems, please inform the staff immediately.

• Hands should be washed before entering the area. It is polite to the others playing there.

• Messukeskus offers a cloakroom service subject to a charge, price EUR 3/person. Outerwear may also be left at an unattended cloakroom at your own risk. Please also leave any chains, necklaces and sharp objects at the cloakroom. That way, everyone is safer and the equipment stays in shape better. Messukeskus is not responsible for any items lost or damaged in the area. You can also use lockers with deposit-payment locks for your valuables.

• Leave prams and pushchairs in the car or the pram park at the cloakroom.

• Moving in the area is allowed with your socks on. Going barefoot or having your shoes on is not allowed.You can enjoy the services of the various restaurants in Messukeskus. Bringing your own snacks is not allowed, but you can have a water bottle with you. You may bring your own baby food and warm it up at the cafe restaurant.